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Ground calcined bones, usually comes from cattle bones and other safe to use animal bones. We take our commitment of quality products and assure our product testing. It is one source of calcium phosphate; others are phosphorite and apatite. It is used as a flux in bodies where the calcium oxde does the fluxing and the phosphorus oxide acts as a glass-former in the melt and also checks over-rapid fusion. Its stiff glassy character is seen combined with that of feldspar in bone china.

An important source of calcium phosphate made from calcined cattle bones. Real bone ash is chemically inert and free of organic matters. Calcium acts as a flux, and phosphorous as a glass former.

Bone Ash is a white material produced by the calcination of bones. Typical bone ash consists of about 55.82% calcium oxide, 42.39% phosphorus pentoxide, and 1.79% water. The exact composition of these compounds varies upon the type of bones being used, but generally the formula for bone ash is: Ca5(OH)(PO4)3. Bone ash usually has a density around 3.10 g/mL and a melting point of 1670 °C (3038 °F). Most bones retain their cellular structure through calcination.

Bone Ash, has various uses, mostly used for Fertilizers, Bone China and Machining as its primary use.

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